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ELDERS RETREAT PROGRAM - 1st Quarter 2018.  

From Friday 16/03/2018 – Sat 17/03/2018 at the 17 mile Dixis Bangalows. 
The Session Topics covered were: 

Session 1: The Purpose of the Church
Session 2: What Leaders do
Session 3: Homiletics (Art of Preaching) 
Session 4: Forward Plan/ Leaders working as a team. 


The retreat program was specifically for the Makana church elders. A total of 11 elders attended the retreat together with the church pastor. The purpose of the retreat was to bring unity amongst the Elders team to focus on their sacred calling. The program commenced on Friday and ended on Sabbath evening. 

Leaving the church ground on Friday at 5pm and arrived at 17mile and lodged for a night and day. The elders were grouped into prayer partners therefore we prayer partners 1 & 2 took Friday Opening Sabbath Vespers. At dawn the next day, the same team took us through the morning prayer program. During the day we had four sessions conducted by our church pastor. The first two sessions were conducted at the river side and the other two were at the accommodation venue. The programs ended by 6 pm on Sabbath evening and the Elders departed for Makana. 


The program was very successful in that it was the first of its kind to have organised such retreat. The following are the highlights;


  1. Elders were united in prayer
  2. Confessions were made to one another
  3. The venue worth around K800.00 was booked only for K100.00
  4. All elders were fully equipped with knowledge & skills through the trainings conducted

Report by Elder Desmond Aris 
04th September 2018 


The Retreat Program Outline 

ELDERS RETREAT PROGRAM - 2nd Quarter 2018.  

Theme: Spiritual Leaders Working Hand-in-Hand

 This second retreat program was organised as being continuous from the first retreat held in 1st quarter 2018. The scope, however, extended widely to include the 9 branch church elders together with all Elders’ spouses. The program was coordinated by duty elders of Makana (Henry Kaman, Dennis Gonnisso, and Dominic Bray).

 The program commenced on Wednesday 13 June 2018 and ended on Saturday 16 June 2018. From Wednesday through to Friday, evening sessions (6-9pm) were held at Makana church and the elders from remote locations (Hiri) camped with their wives at the church ground to attend the program. Concluding with the Sabbath program (6am-6pm) at the Pacific Adventist University (PAU) inside the Science Lecture Theatre Hall.

 The program facilitators were very inspirational; Makana church Pastor Minister Nathan Kaipu, Central Papua Conference (CPC) Children’s Ministry Director Ms Ruth Batu & PAU’s Theology Lecturer Dr Loren Poli.  

  • Minister Nathan took us on three topics (Elders and the care for the new converts, The work of the elders and their care of the church, Bible study skills & art of preaching)
  • Ms Ruth Batu spoke specifically to elders wives on the subject “Elders Wives”
  • Dr Loren Poli did a motivational talk on ‘Servant Leadership

From Wednesday 13/06/2018 – Friday 15/06/2018 at the Makana SDA Church Grounds. 
The Session Topics covered & the Presenters were: 

Session 1: Elders & Care For New Converts BY Pr NATHAN KAIPU - Wednesday 13/06/2018
Session 2: Elders' Wifes BY CPC Children Ministry Director Ms RUTH BATU - Thursday 14/06/2018
Session 3: Work of Elders & Care of Church BY Pr NATHAN KAIPU - Friday 15/06/2018

Sabbath 16/06/2018 From 8am - 6pm Evening.

Session 4: Servant Leadership BY Dr LOREN POLI - Saturday Morning 16/06/2018. 
Session 5: Bible Study Skills & Art of Preaching BY Pr NATHAN KAIPU - Saturday Evening 16/06/2018 


The program was inspirational a first time ever for most attendees – First combine  retreat program for Makana organised church, first for CPC Director Ms Ruth Batu (and her beloved husband) to speak to Elders and spouses, first for all elders, first for Dr Loren Poli to speak to any local church elders and may be first time ever church members attended the program. 

The Elders spouses were delighted and amazed! They were treated in a special manner throughout the program, particularly with a session dedicated to them (Elders Wives). They came and mingled with their partners and other elders spouses from the branch churches of Makana. 

In summary, the program impacted the rural branch church leaders of Makana. They were exposed to a vast in-depth knowledge discoursed. In general all the sessions had factors to motivate, educate and empower their spiritual lives. They showed their appreciation at the closing of the retreat program.

Report by Elder Desmond Aris
For Makana Communication 
04th September 2018 



16_18/11/2018 Quarter 04 

Theme: The Hand that Leadeth  

The Elders Retreat Program 3 was organised by Makana Organise Church Elders Department as a combine retreat for all its branch church elders. Wabi branch church was the host and total of 23 elders attended the retreat (Refer Table 1.0). The city church elders (Makana, Evedahana, Farea and Bomana) hired bus, departed on Friday 16/11/2018 (around 2pm) and arrived at the main Wabi junction. They walked for 45min to Wabi village. Camp site was set up beside Wabi SDA Church and elders from Kerea Church joined after half-day walk.


Table 1.0 Elders who attended the Combine Elders Retreat


Elders Name

Church Name


Niccodimus Titus (Senior Elders)

Makana Organise Church


Desmond Aris (Associate Senior Elder)

Makana Organise Church


Henry Kaman

Makana Organise Church


Simon Moga

Makana Organise Church


Dennis Gonnisso

Makana Organise Church


Saki Elias

Makana Organise Church


Dominic Bray

Makana Organise Church


Paul Koma

Evedahana Branch Church


Foali Kapi

Evedahana Branch Church


Phillip Jonah

Evedahana Branch Church


Vitus Dame

Bomana War Cemetery Branch Church


Sam Tonny

Bomana War Cemetery Branch Church


Johnson Tupe

Bomana War Cemetery Branch Church


Robert Reeves

Eastern Farea Branch Church


Kay Kopi

Eastern Farea Branch Church



Eastern Farea Branch Church


Min Seften Joamo

Kerea Branch Church


Solomon Boru

Kerea Branch Church


Joe Boru

Kerea Branch Church


Eddie Sanana

Wabi Branch Church


Sanana Laloge

Wabi Branch Church



Wabi Branch Church


Min Nathan Kaipu (Church Pastor)

Makana & Branch Churches

Programs Brief

The retreat was basically a prayer program (refer program attached). Elders were grouped into six (6) prayer groups and programs were distributed amongst the teams. The United Prayer Model of ACTS prayer pattern was used; Adoration, Confession, Thanks and Supplication.

The program started from Friday evening through Sabbath early morning to Health Fun night and ended with a Fishing Competition on Sunday morning. 

Some of the highlights of the retreat are;

  • Spiritual Unity – Each Makana elder was united with a branch elder through the teams and the power of the Holy Spirit was felt amongst the band of elders. Prayer was offered on every segment of the program. During confession session, each was able to pour out his heart to one another and to God.
  • Physical Enrichment – Encouraging and laughter filled Health Fun Night was led by local Health Specialist El Simon Moga. Every elder was involved in another fun filled fishing competition and the physical walk for 45min was even healthier.
  • Constructive Discussion on Church Administration Matters – Church Members Discipline and the back-door syndrome affecting the church of God was discussed and some actions noted for implementation in the New Year.

The plans for the next quarter (1st Quarter 2019) is subject to 2019 Leadership Plans. 

                          ELDERS RETREAT PROGRAM 3 PHOTO GALLERY. Click to View. 

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