Makana Church
Makana Church


Elder Dennis Gonnisso Tells a Brief History of Makana Adventist Church from 1992 - 2013.   


How did the church come about?

Firstly, we were once upon a time residents of Garden Hills settlement. Earlier we worshipped at different church locations in Port Moresby mainly Burns Peak and Gordon SDA Churches. During the evenings, we worshipped the Creator God at a small church building and Elder Samson Weyaga was our leader.

 Because of the city entension developments  taking place at Garden Hills, the NCDC arranges big trucks to transport us to Makana, the current location. 

From a family worship in Michael and Margaret Norifane’s home, it moved to a new location just outside the Norifane residence so that it would allow other people to join the congregation. Sarah Gonnisso was the leader. With her education level of Grade six, she did not know how to prepare good sermons. It was God who inspired her and the number increased. 

ABOVE PICTURE: From Right To Left In Front Of Norifane Residence.  
Samson Weyaga, Margaret Norifane, Michael Norifane & Serah Gonnisso

The small group of members asked Burns peak church for canvas and was granted. The number increased gradually and we moved to a new location, this is the current location of Makana Church. The pioneers emptied their pockets to build the church. No professional carpenter was engaged for church erection, however few good man only used carpenters rope with God’s wisdom to build what they have built which is the current structure.

The members asked Burns Peak SDA Church to run Sabbath School, and was granted. 

When did the Stated Sabbath School start? How many were there in the first Sabbath School?

The first Sabbath School ever run at Makana Seventh-day Adventist Church was on 24 July 1993 with less than 80 simple people were faithfully attending the program.  Since then, the church steadily progressed in numerical strengths and quality. Today the church is pacted to capacity and needs a new extension to cater for more people joining membership.

ABOVE PICTURE: Adults From Left To Right In Front Of New Church Building.
Elison Gwand, Rose Ben, Elder Masano Hinupi, Ben William, Serah Gonnisso & Cathrine Gomma.  

 When was the first baptism?

Makana Seventh-day Adventist Church ever had its first baptism on the 26 of February 1994. It was jointly done by late Pastor Alwyn Jonah from the Solomon Islands and Pastor Thomas Davai, then a theology student studying for degree in theology at the Pacific Adventist University. Later he got himself elevated to the post of the president of Papua New Guinea Union Mission.  

Among the 26 candidates that were baptised on that Sabbath morning were Rose Norifane-Kagayao, Robin Koi, Catherine and Gomma Michael, both dead, and Dennis Gonnisso, and others.  

When did the church organize?

The 5th of December 2009.

The idea to organize the church was in 1999 when leadership was blooming with blessings. However, it did not eventuate because there were differences in people’s opinions and of cause difference among the members. The idea was shelved but never died out. It kept ringing in the ears of people.  

At the beginning of 2009, under the Leadership of Elder Paul Koma and Elder Samuel Masano, Sarah brought that idea to the Church Board at the beginning of that year and the Board members agreed. The meeting was conducted, and the Church Business approved with nomination of Chairperson Dennis Gonnissso and his team. Against the odds, the church was able to get organized. 

The Nominating Committee got in motion with a letter to the CPC Executive Committee. The letter requesting for approval for our request was granted. We met all requirements but only one thing-land title. The argument was that that it was the people being organized and not the building nor the land it was upon.  

Every preparation was carefully attended to and eventually MAKANA CHURCH WAS ORGANISED ON 5th Of DECEMBER 2009 at 1350 hours. 

 We all share the blessed joy of the organized status. 

Does the church have any Branch Church?

Yes. Makana SDA Church has Evedahana, Kanudi, Kerea, Vabbie, Fame, Mt. Victoria and very recently Farea. We also have one at Ferguson Island but have not confirmed it yet. It has a total of seven Branch Churches.


Makana Adventist Church Celebrates it's 5th Anniversary on December 5th 2014.

The church was organized in 2009 by Pastor Tony Kemo the President of Central Papua Conference of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church in Port Moresby.Looking back we just have to Praise and Glorify God because "IT'S GOD'S HANDS THAT LEADS US" the motto of Makana Adventist Church. Since it's organization the church has tirelessly established a total of seven Branch Churches. They are EVEDAHANA, KANUDI, KEREA, MT VICTORIA, WABI, FAREA and WAR CEMETERY Churches. May we all Celebrate with God and keep working till Jesus Returns to Earth. DO NOT FORGET Mathew 28:19/20 "Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptising them in the name of the Father, The Son and The Holy Spirit and Lo I will be with you till the end of the world".

Lets all participate with the remnant church of God Worldwide for one final and prime Mission . . . Mathew 24:14 "And this Gospel of the Kingdom shall be preached in all the world, for a witness unto all nation, then shall the end come"

"HAPPY 5th ANNIVERSARY 2009-2014"


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