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Makana Seventh-day Adventist Church is located North-East of Port Moresby City from the Jacksons International and Domestic Airport Terminals. There are many public transports available to get to our location. The current transports available to access all road network of Port Moresby is by Public Motor Vehicle (PMV Buses), Taxi, Private or Rental Car. Drive along the 9-Mile Sogeri Road and follow the Map below to find the Church. We are just along the highway that leads to Pacific Adventist University (PAU), The Famous Kokoda Track and The War Cemetery. The Church is located in the Makana Settlement Surburb.  

OUR LOCATION                                                                                                                                             

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The only thing to watch out when you are driving up the 9mile Sogeri road after leaving Jacksons Airport is to keep an eye on the Junction (9mile Market). You must turn to your right towards the Sogeri road and follow through to the Cloudy Bay Timber Yard and just pass it you must turn left to the road that leads into surburb of houses. Keep going, following the road and avoid any turns untill you reach the end of the road where the Seventh-day Adventist Church Family will Welcome You.


    CONNECT WITH US THROUGH THE                    

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Currently we only have just three (3) Electronic Channels that is reaching out to many within Papua New Guinea (Locally) an in the world (internationally).

They are the Website Channel with a broader scope with capability in reaching millions around the globe and with the Wisdom of God, we are persuaded it can happen.

The E-mail communication Network has become an effective medium for disseminating spiritual materials thus creating a friendly environment where our ministry reaches everyone on our network on a close up personal level.

The Facebook Channel is the other medium we have that is not frequently used in terms of On-line Live Streaming and creation of pages. We currently use facebook to share announcements, Programs, inspire others with the scripture and others. However, the promotion of each other (the 3 channels) is found within each one. Meaning, If you visit our website, you will see the E-mail and the Facebook Link. And on every e-mail we send or reply our email signature has our Facebook and Website links. The same applies to the facebook every time we post an announcement or share. Below is the statistic of the number of people who are connected to our 3 main E-Ministry Channels from January – March of 2019:    

FIRST QUARTER 2019 REPORT. Download / View Here. 


(a)          Website

The Website is a huge E-Ministry hub that still needs to advance into the future adding complex features and making it a place where almost all information concerning the church is easily accessed. We have about 2,498 users visiting our web pages in the 1st Quarter 2019.  Check the Google Analytic Reports on all Web Site Data to see how people all over the world access Makana Church Website.   

(b)           Email

The Email Communication Network is growing since its inception in 2013. We currently have about 1,898 people subscribed to this channel. We plan to reach 2,000 subscribers in the 2nd Quarter 2019.    


(c)           Facebook

This channel is an effective social media tool accessed easily by many and we plan to extend its many features professionally moving forward. Though at present, we only share and post church announcements, Christian literatures and up-coming programs, we already have about 1258 friends and this number is growing.  



Please feel free to contact us so we can answer any questions you have. We would also be delighted to meet you in person!

Our is:

You can also write to us on: PO Box 1173, Boroko NCD, Papua New Guinea 111  

Visit Our Website: 

 Follow us also on Face Book   


Click here to View Our Detailed Map Guide.                                                                                                    


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