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 28 January 2019                      WEBSITE CHANNEL TESTIMONIALS                         2019                                                                                                                


Hello there,

I am Nancy Riedesel, Communications Leader at the Rogers SDA Church in Rogers, AR 

I was on your website tonight and see your downloadable 28 Fundamental Beliefs documents. What a very impressive compilation of text and questions with all the Bible verses to fill in the blanks!!  I love it!  Someone did a lot of work to put this all together. 

We have a consistent number of people who come each week and are truly enjoying learning deeply about Revelation.  When finished, we would like to start the Fundamental beliefs study. 

It looks like the first week in May we should be ready to begin our 28 Beliefs study.

Thank you for your blessing.  I do pray for God's love to overflow in my heart so that I can share it with others.  I just hope that Jesus will come soon.  This old world is NOT my home.

Did you create the website for your church?  It looks so attractive with the dazzling fonts.  I'd love to know how to make ours look more appealing like yours. 

Blessings to you and your ministry. 

Nancy Riedesel

Communications Leader

Rogers SDA Church

479 426-1511


 15th  April  2019                      E-MAIL CHANNEL TESTIMONIALS                          2019                                                                                                                  


I am Carolyn Angowai, I thank Jesus, that I was kind of lost spiritually in the wilderness of the world  not knowing the way to start a journey back through Jesus Christ. 

I work on a Mining Site that requires 20days on site with fews days off for breaks which is really tiring and I find no time to worship on Sabbaths before my creator who always takes care of me. 

When I subscribed to Makana Church E-mail Channel, I started to receive the Sabbath School Lessons that keeps echoing the call of Christ in my life. At my first email, I couldn’t control the tears dropping down from my eyes as if I was crying over a loss of a loved one or someone with a deep personal problem which cannot be solved. 

Anyway thanks and l really appreciated the inspirational thoughts provided at the right time and place – I felt the conviction of the Holy Spirit upon my soul to return and accept Christ as Lord of my life. 

I was brought up in SDA Faith and a daughter of a pioneer pastor and I will support Makana E-Ministry in inviting many to subscribe to the E-mail Channel. 

Carolyn Angowai

Pastors Angowai’s daughter from Koroba Lake Kopiago in HELA province.

Currently working with Barrick PJV-in Enga Province.

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26th March 2020                 WEBSITE CHANNEL TESTIMONIAL                     2020                                                                                                                           


Dear Makana,


Thank you for your free resources. I just downloaded the 28 fb study guides. Just thought I’d thank you for taking the trouble of putting up a great website.


May God bless your ministry


Philip Sargunam

Technical Head I Hospitality Sector

City & Guilds | Digitalme | ILM 

05-105, No. 78/9, WeWork, Vaishnavi Signature,

ORR, Bellandur Village, Varthur Hobli,

Bengaluru - 560103, Karnataka, India

T: +91 80 37223306 M: +91 9845798644 | |

31st March 2020                         EMAIL MINISTRY CHANNEL                         2020                                                                                                           

Some of the fellow workmate give me a good information about Makana E ministry SDA so I interested to register my name and now I member with you and receive some spiritual words that influence me to change my life.

Are you a Baptised member of SDA Church? If not are you planning to Baptise? Yes but long time I leave church and stay out so now I need to baptise again if possible

I’m getting more information about this email ministry that totally change my life and I try to leave some evil things that I made in previous years and I have to change my life and closer connect with you guys to assist me with spiritual side.     

Makana E – ministry is good to me for learning truth about the steps to receive JESUS in my life.   

Wanpis Nicholas

Grinding Circuit Operator | Barrick (Niugini) Limited

(Site) Ext: 4602 | PNG (+675) 547 8602 | Radio Channel 4 | (E):


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3rd April 2020                     Website & E-Mail Ministry Testimonial              2020                                                                                                                           


Makana Website is one of the network that supports the Children's Ministry in many different ways especially in its connection with those who are attached with  Children Ministry.

Makana website creates alot of opportunities for other  children Leaders and parents apart from Central Papua Conference to access important information specifically for Home and Church.

I have been blessed personally for the impact and services Makana website has provided for my life as well.

I can access the weekly lessons anytime anyway because it is readily available anytime anyway even in times when the unexpected arises in terms of sharing and organizing church programs in places away from the city.

The Spiritual enrichment provided through the website has empowered and inspired my Spiritual life to cultivate and develop a love for reading in moments when I need to make use of time or when I am not carrying my books/Bible.

Example: The drive time in the morning and afternoon to work and after work. I can access the saved documents on my phone and read to pass the time in such moments.

These precious reading moments have provided spiritual enrichments for my journey of faith.

Thank you Makana for bring the agent to provided useful Spiritual resources at our fingertips.

Because we have access to such privileges we are able to share with others and through these sharing other people not of our faith are also blessed.

The chain of reaction from sharing Spiritual Resources is truly amazing.

I believe this medium is a great way of evangelizing especially in this time of the Covid19.

God bless

Ruthy N Batu

Children Ministries 
Central Papua Conference 


P.O Box 332 Port Moresby, National Capital District, Papua New Guinea


Phone: +675 321 1022 | +675 321 1187 | Fax: +675 321 2730

Digicel: 70266308 | Telikom: 78267641

Disciple Me

7th April 2020                    E-MAIL CHANNEL TESTIMONIAL                         2020                                                                                                                            


Good morning Makana Adventist Church,  

Thank you so much. I think a simple non-SDA member continue receiving inspirational message is a great blessing to me. Although I do not meet all requirements to secure a space in heaven from The Lord’s 2nd coming redemption programme however, I still have solid faith without doubt that living by the Word of GOD through the BIBLE & SABBATH truth alone will save me & my family during this perilous COVID-19 global hit.

 Once again I’m so much thankful for showing the right path to protection, safety & security at the time of world-wide confusion.    


Kind regards,



Supply Deptartment (Warehousing) PJV  

Porgera Joint Venture – Ext: 4008   

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