Makana Church
Makana Church
Apart from many other activities for this year, our Pathfinder Club documented the WORLD PATHFINDER DAY on the 15th September 2018. 

The world pathfinder day was celebrated by Makana Pathfinders from Friday to Saturday evening. They started the program by taking Friday night fellowship (FNF), Sabbath School and Divine Service. They did community outreach and took the afternoon program and ended with a Social night program. 

The pathfinders took the Friday night Fellowship which saw them started opening Sabbath early. Then on Sabbath the program was organised with pathfinders marching. The guest was the Southern Regional Youth Coordinator El Eddie Lohia. The program started with a marching, flag rising and Sabbath school. The divine service was conducted by the coordinator that saw three preachers who preached (Pathfinder Director Lina Yoki, a pathfinder Grace Kaman and Guest El Eddie Lohia). The program ended with the Adult Bible Study Class. 

The pathfinders then commenced their community outreach. The program was specifically a water ministry. Each pathfinder took 2 containers of cold water and delivered to marketers and by standers at the Morobe market at 9mile. Most recipients of water were betel nut (buai) sellers. The coordinator joined the outreach program. In a show of gratitude and appreciation, the sellers gave those pathfinders some of their market products like betel nuts.


After the outreach program, the pathfinders shared their lunch with each other and also with the coordinator. Then the pathfinders and their staff organised the afternoon Sabbath closing program. A social night was then organised where videos were viewed, tea and scones were served to attendees and freewill contributions were made toward supporting in purchase of workbooks of the unfortunate and new pathfinders.

The highlights are listed as follows:

  • Community Outreach – The pathfinders became a blessing to those people whom visit was done. The thirsty sellers were excited and pleased to receive free water at no cost by uniform band of pathfinders. The program was a blessing to the marketers and bystanders.
  • Freewill contribution – social night was specifically conducted to do freewill contribution. The gifts (money) received from this contributions would be spent on pathfinders who are unfortunate to afford their workbook and record books. Most of them had parents who don’t attend SDA church; therefore they are not supportive toward their class work.

The next program for pathfinders will be the Investiture program in Quarter 4. 

Reported By Elder Desmond Aris 
YAPA Chaplain
18th September 2018
Makana Communication

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